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Start by Friday 4 p.m., end on Sunday 4 p.m.

This seminar offers students of the Diamond Approach a weekend of spiritual practice at the homely Neuenzell retreat center, set in the beautiful natural surroundings of the southern Black Forest.
Together we will explore what „Essentialization of the Soul“ means in the context of the Diamond Approach. We will explore and inquire into the inner process that gradually absorbs all aspects of our familiar ego self and that is being rooted in our daily practice.

The seminar will be led by Laya Stierman and Stefan Haarhaus, Ridhwan students in Europe from the beginning, and Diamond Approach teachers for over 15 years.
After the seminar ends on Sunday afternoon, there will be the option to prolong the stay at Neuenzell for another 5 days of guided practice.

The 5 days after the seminar from Sunday (7th) to Fri- day (12th) will be guided by Frouke Kuiken, Ridhwan student since 2012. We will o er guided meditations, inquiries and daily life practice.

You will have lots of space and time to be alone or meet others, be in the garden, take walks in the sur- rounding nature, or go swimming in a nearby lake.
Meals are being prepared with organic products, in- cluding breakfast, one hot meal (three-course menu), dinner, coffee and tea breaks.
 Weekend teaching: € 250

Room rates: € 35 to € 45 plus € 1.40 tourist tax per night
Meals: € 40 per day

Guided 5-day extension: (with Frouke Kuiken) € 150

Neuenzell is a small retreat center with a limited number of rooms. Please book early – longer stays will be preferred. The Neuenzell team will be happy to organize accomodation close to the center if by the time the Center is fully booked. The garden offers the possibility to camp (with tent only).
We can use the large garden also for life practice, enjoy ourselves at a camp re in the evenings and even sleep under the open starry sky, if desired.


05 - 07 Jul 2024


16:00 - 16:00
Zentrum Neuenzell


Zentrum Neuenzell
Hochtal 30 • 79837 Ibach
Laya Stierman


Laya Stierman

Weitere Veranstalter

Stefan Haarhaus

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